Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 11: To Teach is to Learn Twice

Time is flying! It's my last week in Aspen and amidst a couple days of work, exciting networking events, epic ski tours, and yoga I have somehow found the time to finalize the details for my upcoming trip around the world. I certainly won't be ready to leave Aspen, but at the same time, am excited and eager for the travel to start :)

Like every week, it was a week to remember. Here is my top 6 list from this past week:
  1. I spent an amazing week with my INCREDIBLE parents who came to visit - thanks Mom and Dad!!!
  2. I went backcountry skiing with some of Aspen's premier ski guides and mountaineering legends. Including Christy Mahon, who was the first woman to climb and ski every peak in Colorado over 14,000 feet... all 54 of them
  3. I had dinner with Mt. Everest climbing guides, including one who saved many lives during the 1996 Everest disaster
  4. I skied some AWESOME backcountry terrain in Marble with EPIC snow conditions
  5. I went to an incredible free concert from piano prodigy, Jan Lisiecki
  6. I attended a super interesting conversation about the importance of meditation and how it improved attention and quality of life at the Aspen Institute... I'm gonna start... want to join me!?
And, per usual, had some great life lessons as well :)

A couple days ago, I had a fantastic lesson with two adorable girls, Isabella and Olivia. During lunch, the younger sister, Isabella (10) stole my jacket and insisted on being the instructor in the afternoon. In addition to be it being a ton of fun, I found that the girls progressed faster in the afternoon then the morning. While the jacket swap was a joke more than anything, it turned out to be a great teaching tool, too. Every run, Isabella had to give me, her sister, and her self a tip to ski better. She took the role quite seriously, even yelling at me if she noticed I wasn't completing the task.

I'm a firm believer in the "To teach is to learn twice" philosophy, and yet I realized I rarely use this method when coaching others skiing, as well as professionally. It was a great reminder that even if lessons come through at a slower pace, they are more effective and last long. I was reminded that its great to let other people take the helm so that they too can grow.

Here are some of my picture highlights from the week:

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