Monday, September 17, 2012

Starting Something That Matters

2 years ago I quit everything: A relationship, a lease, a great company I had started... everything. I quit what I knew and I set off on a Global Volunteering Adventure.

I left a city, friends, family and girl that I loved. At first, I wasn't even completely sure why, I just knew I had to. Finally, it dawned on me why I felt the need to leave:
I left so that I could start something new... something that mattered. Something that would be worth telling my grand kids about. 
And now, 2 years later, 'something' has come to life. It's called MovingWorlds and it's a movement to accelerate social innovation and impact around the world. It's not a company, its a socially driven organization that has one measure of success: Leaving the world better than when we found it. Our work is just beginning as we pick up momentum as we approach launch, and I'd be grateful for any support you can provide... even small things like:

  1. Taking our SHORT SURVEY to understand if you want to travel and volunteer internationally
  2. Liking us on Facebook
  3. Reading and commenting on the MovingWorlds Blog
  4. Following us on Twitter
  5. Coming to the Social Innovation Fast Pitch in Seattle to cheer us on
And if you have 71 seconds, check out this video highlighting what MovingWorlds is all about...

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